Sunday, 24 January 2016

Vegan burrito #1

My addiction to vegan burritos have grown over the past month. I had my first in Dubai and I've been craving it ever since (almost). So naturally, I had to make them at home because not only are they super easy to take to school/work, they're also super healthy and seriously delicious.
There are endless possible combinations to make and you can play around with it as much as you like until you find your favorites! I really like all the different colors from the veggies and I love being creative with it as well, that's why I'm making two different versions of burritos and therefore dedicating two blogposts to it.
Here's the recipe:

Two whole-wheat tortillas
A handful of fresh spinach or chopped lettuce
Two chopped tomatoes
One sliced bell pepper/capsicum
One cup of cooked red lentils mixed sriracha (chili sauce) and seasoning
One sliced mushroom
Optional: spicy tofu chunks, grated carrot, avocado, salsa or whatever you feel like

Layer all the toppings on the burritos like I did on the pictures and fold them by folding up the bottom and then the sides so the filling won't fall out.
I used the leftover cooked lentils as the creamy ingredient, but avocado would be absolutely amazing in there as well. Just remember to season it with salt, pepper and maybe some garlic powder.
It's always a struggle to make all the toppings fit into the tortilla, but do your best and try not to overload it like I did.
Get excited for the next version of the burrito I made! It's really really good and let's just say it involves some delicious creamy, mushy and delicious bean mash. Enjoy!


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