Thursday, 8 October 2015

Healthy and vegan burger

Heaven in your mouth is what we're looking at here. A vegan and super healthy burger, which satisfies all of the five tastes. Sweet from the carrots and the tomatoes, sour and bitter from the kale, spicy and saltiness from the falafel and lastly, umami from the portebello burger buns. It'll also satisfy your cravings for different textures because it's both soft, crunchy, crispy and juicy. What's not to love? PLUS it's super easy to make!
 Here's the recipe for two servings:

4 portebello mushrooms
2 large carrots
1 red bell pepper
A handful of kale
4 cherry tomatoes
4 small falafel patties

Follow the recipe for falafels and instead of forming them into round balls, form the falafels into patties a little smaller than the same size of your portebello mushrooms. The mushrooms will shrink a little bit when they're baked.
Bake the falafel patties and add the rinsed mushrooms after 12 minutes. Bake for another five minutes. Meanwhile, grate the carrots, slice the tomatoes and the bell pepper. Rip the kale of the stem and wash it.
When the falafel patties and the mushrooms are cooked, start building your burger. This makes two small brugers for each.
To make the sesame seeds stick to the mushroom bun, you can drizzle some soy sauce on and sprinkle the seeds on top before baking the mushrooms. If you want to add something creamy to this burger, you can make guacamole or simply use a teaspoon of tomato paste.
Of course, you can add or avoid some of the veggies I used, I especially recommend adding caramelized onions.


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