Sunday, 7 June 2015

Raw carrot cake balls

Looking for a great little snack to munch on while you're studying for exams? Or maybe just a little healthy treat when your sweet tooth needs a fix? If so, these carrot cake flavored bliss balls will do the trick! They're filled with fiber and will give you a vitamin and energy boost, plus they're super easy to make!
Here's the recipe:

250 g dried dates
150 g dried figs
2 large carrots
1 apple
1 tsp cinnamon
200 g oats
1 tbsp psysillium husks (or more oats)

Put the dates in a bowl and pour just enough water over them, so it covers all the dates. Let them soak over night.
Chop the dried figs, put the soaked dates in your blender and just a little bit of the water, they were soaked in. Blend until smooth and add more water if necessary.
Grate the apple and the carrots and mix with the smooth paste. Add oats and psysillium husks until it's firm enough to roll small balls of. When the balls are rolled, stop them from sticking by rolling them in oats and store them in a plastic bag/box in the fridge or freezer.


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