Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Lately, I've been drinking this pre-workout from fitnessguru before going to the gym and I'm loving it! Sometimes, I felt really demotivated to go workout and I didn't get much out of the hard training I forced myself through. So when I tried this product I felt full of energy, happy and ready to do something good for my body. I love running, exercising in the gym and playing around with handstands etc. outside and this PWO supplies the boost og energy!
I got the one with cola flavor and it literally tastes like the cola-candy popsicles you ate as a kid. So delicious and energizing. You can also get it with apple flavor, which is probably also super tasty!
I would definitely recommend this product to you if:
-You sometimes find it hard to motivate yourself and actually go for that run or just get out of bed.
-Your energy-level drop after 15 minutes in the gym.
-You workout for more than two hours.
There are no side effects with this amazing pre-workout. It doesn't make you insanely tired after your workout and it doesn't make you feel super hyper, as long as you follow the instructions. It's just a great boost, which helps you on your journey. It's definitely worth it!


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