Monday, 22 June 2015

Icecream and pancakes

The combination of soft, cold, sweet and super delicious ice-cream accompanied by the most comforting, warm and perfect pancakes is just a dessert, that reminds me of being a little kid and stuffing my face full of deliciousness. Of course, this is normally what people associate with lots of sugar and unhealthy things, which stops us from having a whole stack of pancakes and five scoops of ice-cream. But all of my recipes are refined sugar-free and doesn't contain white flour and this is no exception. All you see in the mouthwatering pictures are made with healthy ingredients, that will fuel your body and nourish every little cell.
So why not get started? I made banana ice-cream with chocolate chunks and coconut pancakes, but you can make any kind of variation in the flavor. I promise you, it tastes fantastic and you will not be disappointed. 
Here's the recipe for the pancakes:

1 ripe bananas
2 tbsp chia seeds or 3 tbsp oats
20 g coconut flour
3 tbsp soy milk 

Mash one of the ripe bananas and mix with chia seeds or oats, three tbsp of soy milk and coconut flour. Fry the pancakes in a little coconut oil or on a non-stick pan. 

Here's the recipe for the ice-cream:

2 ripe bananas
20 g dark chocolate or 2 tbsp cocoa nibs
2 tbsp chia seeds or 3 tbsp oats
20 g coconut flour
5 tbsp soy milk

Peel and cut the two ripe bananas into chunks. Freeze them over night or for at least four hours. Put the frozen banana chunks into a foodprocessor or a really powerful blender with two tbsp of the soy milk and the chopped chocolate or cocoa nibs. Blend it until it forms a softice consistency. 
Decorate it with fresh blueberries, another kind of fruit, nuts, musli or whatever you like. I was too impatient, so I didn't decorate it that much. I just couldn't wait to taste the deliciousness and you'll definitely earn my respect if you can resist the fantastic smell of warm pancakes. Either way, there's only left to say; ENJOY!

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