Monday, 18 May 2015

Vegan rainbow icecream

This recipe includes two other recipe that I've posted before and they actually taste amazing together with a third component. Have you ever had that rainbow ice-cream from the supermarket, where one flavor is chocolate, one is strawberry and one is vanilla? Well, I've recreated it and made it super healthy and extremely yummy. So let's try it out, shall we?
Actually it's not the exact same flavors as the rainbow ice-cream you might be used to but I assure you, you will not be disappointed! (Unless you don't like chocolate-caramel, rhubarb-coconut and banana-peanut butter).
The chocolate-caramel layer is just half of the recipe for my granola bars.
The rhubarb-coconut layer is simply my rhubarb compote mixed with half a can of coconut milk.
The banana-peanut butter layer is actually just those two ingredients mixed together:
1 ripe mashed banana mixed with 1 generous tbsp of peanut butter.
The picture above is how the ice-cream looked before I sliced it. I had a little plastic box, where I put the chocolate layer in first, then the rhubarb and then the banana on top. I froze it all overnight but I think it just needs four hours, in case you're impatient. When it's a frozen block, take out of the freezer and wait five minutes before you slice it with a big and sharp knife.
If you're a decent person and don't like having ice-cream in your whole face and all over your hands, then put the slices on a pretty little plate and eat with a cute fork. Or if you're more like me and like to eat your food alone in a corner without sharing with anyone, then just take a huge bite and enjoy the fabulous deliciousness. Get it all around your mouth and all over your hands and fingers (it's finger licking good).


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