Monday, 25 May 2015

Chunky chocolate ice cream

This is a super quick recipe for a delicious popsicle, that you can have whenever you feel hot in the warm sun. It's so so delicious but you'll need protein powder and a protein bar, so if you don't have that and don't plan on buying it, then just enjoy the mouthwatering pictures.
Here's the recipe:

200 g dates
1 ripe banana
2 scoops chocolate protein powder
1 chocolate chunk questbar (or another chocolate protein bar)

Put the dates in a heatresistent bowl and pour enough boiled water over to cover them. Let them soak and soften overnight or at least four hours. You can skip this step if your blender is super powerful.
Blend soaked dates, the ripe banana and the protein powder until it's a smooth paste. Pour the paste into popsicle forms.
Cut the protein bar into small chunks and press them into the popsicle forms.
Freeze overnight and enjoy!
These yummy popsicles are definitely a healthy treat, that I'll never want to run out of. As soon as I've eaten the last one in the freezer, I set another batch of dates over to soak. It's just too good not to have ready in the freezer at all times.


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