Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Coconut cups with raspberry filling

I just tried to experiment with two of my earlier recipes and the result was fabulous and super cute! If you need an idea for healthy treats to your birthday party, family dinner feast or if you just enjoy making food look super cute before you eat it, then this post is for you!
I could imagine that these cups would be a hit at a girl's birthday princess party with all the pink and sweet taste but I would definitely recommend filling these cups with healthy chocolate mousse or something else with a creamy texture to make variations!
I made this with the recipes for coconut macaroons and raspberry protein smoothie but I added vanilla seeds and buckwheat to the coconut macaroons and I was a succes! I baked them golden brown in muffinforms, which were greased with coconut oil to stop them from sticking.
I love the crispy, crunchy and coconutty flavor from the cups and the sweet and smooth raspberry smoothie. You might want to add less liquid to the smoothie recipe to make it less fluent.
Top and decorate it with all the things you like. I used banana slices and freeze dried raspberries but I'm sure it would taste amazing with other fruits, berries, grated chocolate or whatever your creativity tells you to sprinkle it with!


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