Thursday, 26 February 2015

The best pink smoothie

Smoothie lovers out there, this one will blow your mind! It's thick, sweet, delicious, pink, filled with protein, fruity and just pure perfection. Try the recipe out and you'll get what I mean.
Recipes like these are so incredibly easy to follow and it literally takes two minutes to create such a bomb of divine flavors and super healthy ingredients to fuel your body! I added some protein powder to this baby but you can easily leave it out or put something else, like an apple, another banana, cocoa powder or vanilla powder, in it instead. As usual, my recipes are just guidelines so you can add all the creativity you want and experiment as much as you like.
Here's the recipe for one large serving:

1 ripe banana
100 g frozen raspberries 
80 ml coconut milk
20 ml milk of choice (I prefer soy milk)
1/2 scoop vanilla white chocolate protein powder (optional)
3 tbsp of raspberry skyr (optional)
I love the creamy texture of this smoothie because I really like eating everything with a cute spoon and it gives me an excuse to pour it in a bowl and top it with granola, freeze dried raspberries, grapes and other yummy things! 
Please do yourself a favor and make this. You will not regret it, I promise.


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