Friday, 6 February 2015

A vietnamese cooking lesson

As you probably know, I celebrated my birthday recently and I got the best presents ever! One of them was a cooking class with the winner of the Danish Masterchef, which is Timm Vladimir and he's soooooo cool! I was incredibly excited because my dad was going with me and we were going to cook vietnamese food.
We made a four course dinner and we went home really really full and very very happy. The whole thing totally lived up to my expectations and if you ever come to Denmark or if you live here, you should definitely try it! There's plenty og cooking classes teaching italian and all sorts of cuisines if you're not too found of vietnamese.
When we arrived, we were offered what ever we wanted to drink and then we were introduced to all the things. I was so hyped and it was all so professional. First, we made a soup with prawns, pork, chili, lime, chicken stalk, mushrooms, fish sauce and fresh basil. We got the recipes per mail and you can just write a comment if you want them and then I'll send them to you right away!
The second course was spring rolls with two super tasty flavor combinations. We rolled some with smoked salmon, dill, cucumber, carrots, bean sprouts, lettuce and spring onions. Chicken fried in sesame oil, fresh basil and the same vegetables was filled into some of the other rolls. We dipped them in hoisin sauce with peanuts and a chili dip (both homemade) and it tasted divine!
The main course was a salad with beef and omg it was fabulous. We mixed a lot of different veggies, lettuce and fresh herbs of choice. Then topped it with the sliced beef and poured a red wine vinegar sauce over for the perfect finish. When I had the first bite of the dish, my tastebuds went to heaven. It was so so so good and filled with lots of different flavors.
The wonderful dessert was no science to make because it just consisted chopped fruit, chopped white chocolate, toasted coconut flakes and a homemade lemongrass syrup topped with a little mint. Such a yummy ending to a perfect evening, which I enjoyed every moment of. This blogpost was a little different than usual but change is good sometimes and I really wanted to tell you guys about my excitement over Timm Vladimirs køkken. 


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