Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Trip to Berlin

So I've just been to Berlin with my mom and my sister as you might know from instagram and this post will be about all the incredible food experiences we had down there!

Two different carrot soups and a sweetpotato bagel
A bit of Funk you's menucard 
The pictures above are photos from two different vegan restaurants/shops where we had an amazingly delicious lunch. I'm not vegan normally but I love vegan food because of the all the nutrients from veggies, fruit and lots of other goodies. After we had the super tasty meal on the left, we went to the shop right next to the restaurant and I bought unsweetened banana chips, raw cacao nibs and some raw protein bars.

We also had these raw vegan cakes for dessert after buying all the goodies in the shop.
It's a lemon, lime and blueberry cake with poppy seeds and an avocado, cacao, banana and pistachio cake. They were devine and I had to close my eyes to enjoy every bite. Seriously, they were pieces of heaven.

Dinner was often enjoyed at Asian restaurants since we're chinese and we loooooooove the asian cuisine. The dumplings on the picture above were little bags of dough with the yummiest meat and vegetable filling. We had way more dumplings than pictured because they made our tastebuds go to heaven because of the suberb taste.

Wan tan soup with veggies and brown-rice noodles was what my mom ordered at the chinese restaurant called "Good friends". We tasted each others dishes and they were all super good and so filled with lots of different flavors.

Me and my sister at a vietnamese restaurant. You can see a closer picture of my dish on my instagram @basicallyfruitytarian and lots of other food pictures from the trip.
Thank you for reading this alternative blog post and please do yourself the massive favor and go to Berlin! It's awesome!

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