Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Watermelon pizza

Who doesn't love pizza? Who doesn't love fruit? 
Why not combine these two things and create a paradise for your tastebuds?! 
This was the most refreshing, delicious, healthy and creative breakfast evaaaarh!
I made a watermelon pizza and it was so filling and tasty!

The recipe for this breakfast from heaven is not hard at all and kind of obvious but I just really wanted to show you lots of colorful pictures.

Here's the recipe in pictures:

First of all, you have to slice the juicy watermelon (I told you it was obvious).

The "tomato sauce" was low-fat greek yoghurt (skyr).

Afterwards, you just have to slice whatever fruits you like and put them on the pizza!

Finally, the "cheese" on top was my homemade granola to add a little crunch.

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